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Creating value with sustainability

Your real estate complies with C-label rules

Sustainability makes your office and organization future-proof

Sustainability is important not only for the future of our environment, but also for that of your office and your organization. If you want to extend the life of your office and be an attractive employer, there are several things to consider.

Your office furniture has a great impact on the success of your design. Think carefully about which materials you choose and investigate the origin and production method of your furniture. The range of environmentally friendly furniture is increasing rapidly, so there is enough choice if you go for sustainable.

By separating and recycling your waste you set a great example and lead the way in sustainability.
A recognizable color scheme for your waste bins and more recycling points in your office will help you with this.

Smart lighting is one of the best measures for setting a more sustainable business standard.
The first gain is of course eco-friendly LED lighting. This is an aspect that cannot be neglected if you want to design a sustainable office.

Much more is possible, from simple individual solutions to innovative technologies to collect data about the use of your space and adjust your energy consumption accordingly. You win a lot with it. Not only do you improve your sustainability, but you also save more costs and increase the well-being of your employees.

Green is the trend
Landscaping has become one of the main trends in the design of modern workplaces. Plants improve the well-being and mental health of your employees. In addition, they filter polluted air and give your organization a more sustainable and greener appearance.

A clear approach to your landscaping is therefore a simple solution to increase your employee satisfaction.

This attention to sustainability, a natural environment and the well-being of your employees is therefore an important part of attracting and retaining talent.

Advice for a sustainable and practical office
You don't want your employees to be distracted by having to wave their arms keep the light on, when they're working concentrated and quiet. Your sustainable design should practical, and fit in with everyday life or it will become frustration rather than a positive contribution to your goals. From light management to water savings, there are many ways to approach and properly manage this. We can advise you on this.


Zekeringstraat 7B
3e verdieping
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Zekeringstraat 7B
3e verdieping
1014 BM Amsterdam

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