Research, workplace scenarios and support

Satisfied and productive
Staff members

Research, workplace scenarios and support

Our approach

Data analysis

Grayspace collects insights from Facility Management, Human Resources and ICT systems and links this with information from interviews and observations on the work floor.

Improvement scenarios

From the data and analyzes, we assess where improvements are possible that contribute to your efficiency, employee experience and the achievement of your objectives.


With a short series of workshops we determine whether the wishes of employees and management match. We look at the use of spaces and interaction between teams, and we use mood boards to collect feedback on colors and finishes for the future work environment.

“Meeting rooms were filling up, we had too little capacity. Not a place to work quietly. People were increasingly working from home. We had to find another place. ”

René Persoon, founder and CEO of A New Spring

How does a strategy from
Grayspace benefit you?

Satisfied employees

  • Better attract, retain and involve
  • Better performances
  • Better communication and collaboration
  • Improving well-being and employee experience

Boost your business

  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Better customer experience
  • More flexibility and more resistant to change
  • A working environment that fits in with the culture and brand experience

Efficient workplaces

  • Lower operating costs
  •  Lower rental costs
  • Better sustainability measures
  • A working environment that suits everyone


Zekeringstraat 7B
3e verdieping
1014 BM Amsterdam

Zekeringstraat 7B
3e verdieping
1014 BM Amsterdam

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