Renovation, redecoration and redevelopment

From concept
to realisation

Construction management and project design with our own specialists and technicians

The turnkey development of your
project in 4 steps

Drawings and permits

This phase provides the blueprint for the development. A set of technical drawings and accompanying documents describe the details of your project. With this we request quotes from the necessary partners for the implementation and we compare apples with apples. With these documents we also start applying for permits.

Construction management and development

During construction, as construction manager and contractor, we have full control over the quality of execution with our own construction team of technicians and specialists. We remain your point of contact and ensure that all agreements are met according to drawing, planning and budget. We document any changes during implementation, take care of the finishings of your spaces and we supply and install the walls, ceilings, lighting, floors and furniture.

Tender and selection

If third parties are required for the delivery of products or services, we manage the entire tendering process. We explain the documentation, review the offers to ensure that suppliers have based their prices on the same principles. Furthermore we arrange the contracts for you.

Delivery of your project

As soon as construction is complete, we finalise with the final inspections and ensure the formal delivery and transfer.


Zekeringstraat 7B
3e verdieping
1014 BM Amsterdam

Zekeringstraat 7B
3e verdieping
1014 BM Amsterdam

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