From coffee to internet connection

Relocation without

The preparation determines the success

Time to celebrate

The design has been approved, your project plan is in place and the construction team is working hard at your location. Now is the time to plan your move and make it a smooth transition.

There is a lot involved in moving your organization.

• Are we moving in batches or all at once on the same date?
• Does everyone know their new place? And how do we are we handling flex spaces?
• How do we ensure that IT systems, internet, telephone and data connections work from day one?
• Should we give access to specific people beforehand?
• Who arranges the coffee and tea?

It's also important to keep your employees informed with regular updates so they know everything they need to know in advance. It can be valuable to organize tours in advance to let employees get used to and get enthusiastic about the new working environment.

Remember: no surprises.


Zekeringstraat 7B
3e verdieping
1014 BM Amsterdam

Zekeringstraat 7B
3e verdieping
1014 BM Amsterdam

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